our donkeys


In august 2006 came the birth of uncle Tino, nobody expected when it was born, to say hello first to Alberto and not his mother! Uncle Tino is different to all the other babies that cleo has given birth to. Until the age of 6 months, uncle Tino played with his father, Tobia, suckling from cleo his mother and playing with my children, also he would like to come to me to sleep on my lap! I believe his clean, courageous and beautiful eyes are due to a lucky and happy early life.

This winter 2007/2008 he began to work with his mother and father…………….. so on Sunday Alberto, saddles up the donkeys, I prepare a good meal, the children are excited because they know we are going for a picnic in the woods! Everytime we use a different path, there are many to chose from around here. And sometimes when the path is finished A

Alberto takes us off to a track, and the donkeys are always ready to do this! We do this every week, and our friends and guests that come with us on the walk, tells us their first time emotions.

Our donkeys can transport not only our children, but any child, as long as they are not over 30kgs, and that they respect the animal and its limits.

If your stay includes a Sunday, we would would  be honoured if you would like to share the experience with us and our animals. And we would like to share with you this beautiful corner of our mountains.

See you soon!