night of St. Lawrence


The night of the shooting stars (the night of St Lawrence 10th august)

Here in my mountains, starting from May, the days here for me are long, warm and tiring……. The days are busy with collecting the fruit and vegetables for taking to the markets at the coast, haymaking for the winter, maintaining fences around the fields, watering the vegetable plots, cleaning the forest.

So, because of all the work during the day, I look forward to the reward of the dark skies, when the tempreture drops and the skin feels refreshed, sitting in the rocking chair under the clear star filled sky.

During the summer nights its difficult to realize even for myself where the sky and the land meets, and  I have been living here for over 10 years!  Because of the lack of roads and houses around, the stars are so bright and clear, they look like fairy lights until the horizon , and then the fire flies dance in the forest….magical! 

Christmas lights in the summer!!!!!

Even  in this period the working day on the farm doesn’t end, with the quietness of the night its time for the donkeys! With the coolness of the night air the donkeys can come out of the stable to enjoy the fields alone, they are so calm and good, that this for me is not work, it calms me to take them to the fields, where they can eat in the summer night.

We walk in the fields of the mountains, to the rythem of the donkey bells.. I stop at the open space and breath in the sweet smell of grass and clean air.i look at the stars and I feel so fourtunate to live in such a wonderful place. Lots of shooting stars every night, but most remain in the sky and form the constellations that we know today!

I have been into observatories over the years, but have never seen as many stars as I see above my home.

It is easy to discover moonlight in the country, but here in my mountains you will also discover star light. I used to live in a big city, and never know moonlight, so it was unimaginable that here I would discover the starlight too!

So come to my mountains, and live where there are not traffic jams, where there is no noise of a big city, no pressure to shop, there are no shops here in my mountains, just relaxation, wild life and  little corner triangle of sea on the horizon between the mountains, and a big piece of paradise!!

On Saint Lorenzo’s night, take a blanket, switch off the lights and lie down on the terrace outside, and watch the shooting stars, with every falling star make a wish, and take it with you back home, and remember this special night at  cà Marcantonio.